Ozone Sanitizer System for Water Coolers - Factory Installed Only

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Factory Installed Only
Ozone Sanitizer System
Eliminates biological growth in cooler system.
Miniature ozone generator attaches to cooler/dispenser
Sanitizes by dispersing micro-bubbles of chemical-free ozone
   into the water of the cooler reservoir
Ozone quickly disperses and does not alter taste
Auto-activates for 10-minutes every 8-hours
Algae, mold and bacteria can't survive. Frequency of cleaning is reduced
The Ozone Sanitizer produces micro-bubbles of chemical-free ozone into the cooler reservoir that kill
bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew without altering the water taste. Ozone is an oxidizing agent that is 1.5 times more powerful than chlorine and effective over a much wider range of microorganisms. Ozone kills viruses and bacteria faster than chlorine and other chemical agents and is free of chemical residues as it decomposes into a simple oxygen. Cleaning frequency and maintenance are also reduced.