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Our Privacy Policy:

We are absolutely committed to your right to privacy and the confidentiality of any information you give us.

  • All credit card transactions are conducted through a Secure Server using high level data encryption technology.
  • We do not give or sell ANY of your personal information, addresses, or E-mail addresses to advertisers or so-called "affiliates".

Making a Purchase:

By purchasing any items through our website, over the phone, fax or by mail, the Buyer warrants that he/she is at least 18 years of age, and is in compliance with his/her local and state laws and is legally able to purchase these items.

Buyer is responsible for following any local and state regulations and plumbing codes pertinent to the purchase, installation and operation of our manufacturer's products.

  • You may place your order online through www.humboldtwatersystems.com
  • You may place your order over the telephone.  Call Monday - Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (USA-Pacific Time).
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo on them.
  • See our Privacy Policy, above.
  • Your purchase will appear on your credit card statement as Humboldt Water Systems.
  • Buyer accepts and agrees to all Humboldt Water Systems policies stated on the Site whether ordering by phone,  or internet.
  • we reserve the right to not sell to a customer(s).

Shipping Policy:

Humboldt Water Systems is not responsible for any merchandise lost or stolen through any mail parcel service, including but not limited to USPS, UPS, Fedex, and/or any freight companies.

FedEx,  USPS and UPS  Ground Deliveries to Home and Business addresses are sent NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED. This means that FedEx and UPS  will leave the package at your door, or in a convenient location if no one is present to receive the shipment. If you require a signature, then add a note to your order requesting signature service. If you request this feature, then you will be charged an additional $3.00, as FedEx and UPS charges extra for this level of service.
  • No Signature Requested (our default shipping method)- If you did not add a note to your order requesting signature, then we cannot reship your order. In these instances, your package has essentially been stolen or is otherwise missing, and we recommend you follow-up with the carrier and your local authorities.
  • Signature Requested- If you requested that signature be required upon delivery of your package (read shipping methods above for instructions), then we will file a claim and re-ship your order at no cost to you once we have received verification of the shipment status from the carrier.

  • Domestic:

    We offer free ground shipping in the continental USA. FedEx and UPS ground is currently used for most products. Small parts are shipped by USPS Priority or First Class mail. Tracking numbers for all shipments with the exception of USPS will be e-mailed automatically.  

    Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery after the order has processed.  Any product temporarily out of stock will have a slightly longer delay.  We will notify you of any delays with your order.

    Sales Tax
    Sales tax is applied to all orders with a California shipping address.
    Commercial Filters 
    Shipping charges apply to all products listed in the Commercial Filters category.  An actual shipping charge will be added to your credit card on the day your item is shipped.  
    Contact us at orders@humboldtwatersystems.com or call 888-665-1859 for shipping charges.


    • Humboldt Water Systems ships orders internationally.
    • Purchaser is responsible for any and all additional transportation charges, including but not limited to, broker fees, duties, government taxes, etc. that may be incurred during the delivery and export/import process.
    • Additional shipping charges apply, and purchaser is responsible for the additional shipping charges as applicable. These charges are in addition to and separate from transportation broker fees, duties, government taxes, etc. associated with the export/import process.  
    • Additional shipping charges are based on total shipping weight, dimensions, dimensional weight, value of item, destination, and/or handling.   
    • Order cancellation or return of products are not allowed on international orders.

    Damaged Goods Policy:

    Damage to product(s) is not always easily identifiable, as damage can either be visible or concealed. For visible damage, do the following:

    • #1 Best Option: For the simplest solution for shipping damages, follow this procedure when receiving a delivery. This procedure is the standard operating procedure of the delivery insurance issued by all shipping carriers:
      1. Inspect your merchandise thoroughly for damage immediately upon arrival (delivery)and reject the entire shipment if you find any damage. Ask the driver to wait while you inspect the merchandise. 
      2. If you find any damage, do NOT accept the delivery. Doing so will expedite the process of  Humboldt Water Systems getting another unit out to you immediately. Refusing the shipment will protect you against having to pay the return shipping.  All shipping fees are always the responsibility of the purchaser.
      3. Immediately file a damage claim with the delivery carrier on the same day as the delivery. Try to take a digital photo of the damage if possible. After filing the damage claim, contact Humboldt Water Systems immediately at orders@humboldtwatersystems.com   for assistance and further instructions.
    • Legitimate damage claims will be promptly processed. A replacement from the manufacturer will be shipped to purchaser.   When the manufacturer receives the "damaged goods", a detailed analysis of the damaged product claim will be performed to determine if the product was damaged during transportation. 
    • #2 Option:If driver of carrier has already departed, or has left , contact the delivery company the same day and file a damage claim.  Then, contact Humboldt Water Systems that same day at orders@humboldtwatersystems.com for assistance and further instructions.  The manufacturer or delivery carrier will initiate a paperwork process and instruct you to send the goods back to the manufacturer, sometimes at your expense, until the damage is inspected.   All shipping fees are always the responsibility of the customer.  When the manufacturer receives the "damaged goods", a detailed analysis of the damaged product claim will be performed.
    • If you have a digital camera, take a snapshot of the damage as proof/evidence before it departs and E-mail the photograph to us as soon as possible.
    • E-mail correspondence and photos to orders@humboldtwatersystems.com

    Concealed Damage

    Sometimes damage during shipping cannot be detected until product(s) is removed from the packaging and installed. If concealed damage is detected, it is very important to act immediately. Purchaser needs to contact the carrier, file a concealed damage claim, and contact Humboldt Water Systems at orders@humboldtwatersystems.com The product(s) needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer at purchaser’s expense, so the manufacturer can inspect product(s) to determine if damage occurred during shipping, during installation, or after installation. Photos are most helpful and can also be e-mailed to orders@humboldtwatersystems.com

    Published Prices/Price Changes/Product Availability:

    • Prices are subject to change without notice due to material price increases or availability conditions.
    • Humboldt Water Systems reserves the right to change incorrect prices that are accidentally published on our website.  
    • If a product is unavailable or out of stock, we reserve the right to issue the customer a refund and not fill the order.
    Humboldt Water Systems Return/Exchange/Refund Policy:
    It is important to purchase water filtration products which fit your water filtration needs. Know your water filtration needs and purchase appropriately and accordingly to avoid unnecessary returns. Humboldt Water Systems products are inspected and properly packaged before being shipped to customer. If, in the unlikely event it is necessary to return a product, the following terms and conditions apply. Returns for exchange or for refund are only accepted when the following is met. Read the following thoroughly before returning a product:
    •   Returns for refund are accepted ONLY on perfectly new, unused items in the original packaging and without any damaged or missing parts. Refunds will not be issued if broken, used, dirty, or otherwise abused items are sent back from customer.
    •  Returns for exchange are accepted on items which are defective, for upgrades, or when Humboldt Water Systems is working specifically with customer to acquire customer’s proper water filtration needs.
    •  Humboldt Water Systems reserves the right to not honor returns of product(s) if product(s) was/were not installed by a qualified, licensed plumber.
    • Returns for exchange will not be honored if it is deemed that product(s) has been used broken, used, dirty, or otherwise abused.
    •  All returns, either for refund or exchange, must be within 30 days of initial purchase. Refunds will not be issued if products are sent back past the 30-day initial purchase period.  
    • Returns, either for refund or exchange, are subject to restocking fees of up to 20%.
    • Returns, either for refund or exchange, are NOT allowed on custom ordered products, special orders, reverse osmosis systems, filter cartridges and/or membranes (for public safety and tampering reasons).
    • All returns, either for refund or exchange, MUST have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, and include customer’s name, address, telephone number, and specific reason for return. You may acquire this by contacting Humboldt Water Systems
    • Product(s) must be returned in original packaging and intact. Returned product(s) must be shipped within two weeks of issuance of a Return Merchandise Authorization number to be eligible for a refund. A refund will be issued after the return has been received and inspected.
    • Refunds issued to customer will be less shipping and handling, and restocking fee.
    • Proper proof of purchase must be provided and accompany returns.
    • Customer must pay ALL shipping fees for returns, exchanges, refunds, or repairs. 
    • No returns allowed on international orders.
    • Most Humboldt Water Systems products are covered by the Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, when the product is properly installed by a qualified, licensed plumber, against defects in materials and workmanship. The manufacturer reserves the right to deny your warranty or other claim if it is found that the product was improperly installed, damaged, or abused.
    • Delivery carriers, including but not limited to, USPS, UPS, Fedex, and freight companies are responsible for getting your merchandise to you in an acceptable and timely manner and condition. Humboldt Water Systems is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or delayed merchandise, and will not honor return/refund requests for such.
    • Humboldt Water Systems does not reimburse customers for any shipping charges or any other expenses the consumer may incur whatsoever, such as but not limited to: import/export fees and duties, installation and setup fees, damages caused by product, professional services, or legal fees, and will not honor return/refund requests for such.
    • Humboldt Water Systems sells professional products that are intended for professional installation and professional initial setup by a qualified water service professional (licensed) who is experienced in installing the product you have purchased, and Humboldt Water Systems will not honor return/refund requests, nor accept any liability, for products that are improperly installed.  
    • Commercial category products are considered special order and may not be returned for any reason. All sales are final.
    • So that we do not increase delivery cost above what we are charged for shipment, the customer is solely responsible for all shipping costs on all deliveries and all returns.
    • The customer is responsible for inspecting all products upon delivery for shipping damage and concealed damage. Shipping damage and concealed damagemust be reported within 3 business days, but preferably the same day as delivery. Inspect goods for shipping damage immediately upon arrival, and refuse the shipment and file a damage claim with the delivery carrier before contacting us.  Take a digital photo of the damage if possible.
    • ALL refunds are given solely at the discretion of Humboldt Water Systems.  All returned products WILL be carefully analyzed to determine if it has been used, abused, or damaged in any way, either damaged during installation, damaged during transportation, or operated under improper conditions. Any refund determined to be due will be issued by at the conclusion of the analysis.  Misapplication of the product, damage from overpressure, water pressure spikes, improper water conditions, and installation damage do not qualify for a refund.
    • Product warranty is disqualified if product was not professionally installed by a licensed and qualified professional.  This is especially true for all residential, commercial, and industrial units such as undersink units, water softeners, backwashing filters, backwashing oxidation systems, water coolers and RO systems, which should ALL be professionally installed by a licensed, qualified water service professional.

    Disclaimer of liability for all products:




    All commercial and residential in-line systems are recommended to be installed after a flow regulator/restrictor in order to control and reduce incoming water pressure. This avoids bursting and any resulting property damages. Also, make certain that there is a strainer system placed after the Humboldt Water Systems Media Systems to avoid bleeding and/or pipe clogging.

    • For all products: Humboldt Water Systems is not responsible or financially liable for any water damage, property damage, or personal injury, direct or indirect, that may occur from normal and correct use of the products we sell, catastrophic failure of the products we sell, failure to properly connect the units to the water supply lines, and/or failure to understand and observe the proper water pressure ratings and requirements for these units.  Use and install all of our products solely at your own risk. Do not expose any of these units to freezing temperatures (<33 degrees Fahrenheit) or direct sunlight (UV rays).
    • All plumbing work and connecting of these units to the water supply is done at your own risk. Most Humboldt Water Systems products are intended for professional installation and/or professional initial setup. This is especially important when installing undersink units, all reverse osmosis units, undersink filters, water coolers, water softeners, all backwashing units, and whole house water filter systems - which are always connected to a high pressure water line. Always check all connections for leaks periodically.  Humboldt Water Systems is not responsible for any leaks or water damage whatsoever.
    • All systems must be inspected by a professional installer prior to installation to eliminate any possible assembly error, and checked for component damage, parts, and fittings, to avoid system malfunction and possible property damages.
    • We are not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from the use or catastrophic failure of these products. Use all products at your own risk.
    • For all Humboldt Water Systems products, determination of product suitability, application use of the product, and the fitness of a product for a particular purpose is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Buy and use at your own risk.
    • Electrical Products:For all electrical products use only as directed and follow all manufacturer’s directions and warnings.  For your safety, always plug only into a properly installed GFCI outletIf you do not have one, you need to obtain one.  We are not responsible for any property damage or personal injury, incidental or consequential, that may arise from the use and/or failure of any of our products.
    • UV Disinfection Systems: Although these units are proven to be highly effective when functioning correctly and operated according to the manufacturer's directions and operating parameters (including 95% UV transmittance of the water), these systems are not to be used for drinking "infectious water". Use all UV systems at your own risk.
    • Water Filtration/Conditioning Products: All water filters, water coolers, water filter cartridges, RO membranes, specialty cartridges, and water conditioning products used for human (or animal) contact or consumption are intended to be used to improve the quality of safe and potable, non-infectious, non-polluted drinking water. Use at your own risk.
    • Information Disclaimer: All information, product claims, and statements are made in good faith and believed to be true, and are offered for your evaluation and verification only. For all Humboldt Water Systems products, determination of suitability, application use, and fitness for a particular purpose is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Due to the almost infinite number of parameters and variables that are involved with your particular application, water quality, and operating conditions, we can only suggest what we believe would work well for your application based on our interpretation of what you convey to Humboldt Water Systems. You may or may not get the exact results that you wanted or expected. Humboldt Water Systems assumes no liability or responsibility for your water filtration results. This is solely your responsibility.

    Terms and Conditions:

    1.  Humboldt Water Systems uses reasonable efforts to ensure accurate and up to date information on the website.
    2.  Humboldt Water Systems makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. Humboldt Water Systems assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the website.
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    5.  Everything on the website is copyrighted unless otherwise noted, and may not be used without permission from Humboldt Water Systems except as provided in these Terms and Conditions.
    6.  Humboldt Water Systems may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the current Terms and Conditions to which you are bound.